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Nestled in Borgardjördur fjord, Reykholt is where geothermal magic meets farming innovation. With Mediterranean-like greenhouses and the nearby Friðheimar tomato haven, it's a vibrant testament to Iceland's connection with the land.
Clusters of small tomatoes ripening on vines inside a sunlit greenhouse.
Best time to visit
All year round
Distance from Reykjavík
95 km (59 mi)
64.177832, -20.452608

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of Borgarfjördur fjord lies Reykholt, a village not just known for its breathtaking surroundings but for its green revolution. The village’s geothermal greenhouses are marvels of modern-day farming, emanating the balmy ambience of Mediterranean shores. Artificial lighting casts a luminescent glow, ensuring plants thrive year-round, unfazed by Iceland's capricious weather.

But the heart of Reykholt's agricultural prowess is its geothermal water. At a scalding 95°C as it courses into the greenhouses, this geothermal elixir guarantees an unwavering atmosphere of warmth and humidity. The result? A cornucopia of fresh vegetables, radiant flowers, and juicy berries produced locally in a land once thought inhospitable for such lush growth.

The village isn't just about producing food; it's about redefining sustainability. Reykholt pulsates with a spirit of self-sufficiency, celebrating its deep-rooted bond with the earth. It's a community that understands the value of the land, forging a harmonious relationship with nature while nurturing its bounty.

Just a short journey from the heart of the village, the Friðheimar tomato farm and restaurant stands as a testament to Reykholt’s commitment to innovation. Sprawling over 5,000 square meters, this greenhouse is more than just a farm; it's an experience. Guests are invited to dine amidst sprawling vines, savouring the taste of freshly plucked tomatoes, all while enveloped in a verdant embrace.