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Welcome to Icelandia, the core Element, a realm where heartfelt passion and the essence of adventure come together, crafting exceptional journeys of discovery filled with insatiable wanderlust.

Experience the elements of Iceland

Welcome to Icelandia, where the essence of adventure and passion intertwines to create unforgettable journeys into the heart of Iceland. Here, you will experience a country alive with dynamic natural elements, from flowing volcanic fire to the relentless glow of the summer sun and the mysterious dance of the aurora borealis.

We are a collective of travel enthusiasts, brought together to share the extraordinary wonders of Iceland. Our mission is to connect travelers with the awe-inspiring landscapes and natural phenomena found in this land.

Our Story

Icelandia began as an alliance of individual entities serving travelers, who decided to unite and amplify our strengths to present the beauty of Iceland to the world. We share a deep passion for the diverse and untamed beauty of our home and aim to share its wonders with those who seek them. For us, sharing Iceland is not only a privilege but a profound joy.

A tour bus crossing a bridge over turquoise waters with a view of a glacier and floating icebergs in the background, under an overcast sky.

Together, our companies – Reykjavík Excursions, Flybus, Icelandic Mountain Guides,, and Activity Iceland – each a leader in their field, ensure safe, enjoyable, and eco-conscious travels and adventures throughout Iceland.

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