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The Geldingafell mountain hut, situated at the base of Mt. Geldingafell in East Iceland, serves exclusively as a refuge for trekkers.
Small yellow hut nestled in a pristine and remote natural wilderness setting.
Best time to visit
Distance from Reykjavík
696 km (432 mi)
64.941° N 15.21690° W

Geldingafell Mountain Hut: A Trekker's Refuge in East Iceland

This cosy shelter can house up to 16 individuals in sleeping bags; but the hut is tiny, so there is nowhere really to sit except for on the bunks. For convenience, there's an outdoor latrine.

Mt. Geldingafell itself stands as a testament to East Iceland's rugged beauty, with its impressive slopes and panoramic views that attract numerous outdoor enthusiasts annually. Whether for seasoned mountaineers or casual hikers, Geldingafell offers a blend of challenge and serenity in the midst of Iceland's pristine wilderness.

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