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Perched on a cliffside overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean, the Sky Lagoon offers sea views as you embrace Iceland’s bathing culture. The complex has been designed in keeping with wellness traditions dating back to the age of the Icelandic Sagas which you can experience by taking part in the seven-step ritual. It’s a truly rejuvenating experience for the body and soul.
People soaking in the warm infinity pool at Sky Lagoon, Iceland.

The Sky Lagoon Experience

The View from the Sky Lagoon

The Sky Lagoon spa experience is steeped in ancient Icelandic tradition. You can feel the geological history of the island in the grotto-like steam room and sauna and sheer cliffs of lava that surround the lagoon. The crowning glory of this brand-new complex (it was completed in 2021), is the infinity-edge, naturally heated lagoon that juts out over the Atlantic Ocean. The infinity edge makes way for the sea view, taking in the rugged coastline and Mount Keilir looming in the distance. From the constantly warm water, you can watch storms brew on the steely horizon or perhaps even catch the Northern Lights dancing ethereal green above the sea if you visit in the winter months. In summer, the days stretch long into the night and the sky barely turns darker than an inky blue at midnight. During the months of the “midnight sun”, you can watch the sunset late at night from the Sky Lagoon as the opening hours stretch to 11pm.

From simple admissions packages to transfers from central Reykjavik, there are a number of ways to visit the Sky Lagoon. The sea view tends to attract the crowds, so booking in advance is a good idea to avoid disappointment, especially in peak season when entry to the lagoon can sell out. The Sky Lagoon is fast becoming one of Iceland’s most popular attractions and it’s easy to see why as you slip into the glass-like water and immerse yourself in the view.

The Seven-Step Ritual

Your Sky Lagoon booking includes the use of a towel, access to the changing rooms and showers and access to the lagoon and its facilities such as a steam room, sauna, cold pool and cool mist room. Experience every aspect of the Sky Lagoon with the seven-step ritual. The ritual is an immersive experience: First, you bathe in the hot-tub-like water of the Sky Lagoon itself, gazing out at the sea from the infinity edge. Once you’ve heated up tense muscles and fully relaxed, it’s time for a shock to the system with a plunge into the cold-water pool – a nod to the medieval pools of Icelandic folklore.

Then it’s back to the warmth again but in the sauna this time. A wall of glass in here shows off the sea view and you can listen to the waves as your pores open and you breathe in the hot air. From the sauna, cool off in the cold mist cavern where a cooling mist clings to your skin. Then it’s time to apply a full body scrub to leave your skin soft and healthy.

The Sky Body Scrub is a sea salt scrub with a refreshing fragrance designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. A session in the steam room is next, to hydrate the skin and let the scrub work its magic. Finally, shower off the scrub in one of the outdoor showers before immersing yourself in the Sky Lagoon once again. You should immerge from the seven-step ritual feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with baby-soft skin. The ritual is included in the Pure Pass package and the Sky Pass Package.

As the Sky Lagoon is such a relaxing experience, a spa session here makes an excellent addition to a day tour. For example, once you’ve explored the waterfalls, ravines and geothermal parks along the Golden Circle, you can end the day with a soak in the Sky Lagoon upon returning to Reykjavik. Or, perhaps embrace the volcanic wonders of Iceland and add a session at the Sky Lagoon to your trip – it’s hewn from black lava rock after all, so it fits in perfectly with the calderas and geothermal fields of mud pools you can visit during the day. There are a number of day tours that include admission to the Sky Lagoon as the final stop before returning to your Reykjavik hotel.

Eating and Drinking at the Sky Lagoon

Tucked in the side of the cave at the end of the lagoon, you’ll find the swim-up bar. Well, it’s more like a float-up bar as swimming isn’t really possible at the Sky Lagoon. The deepest point is 120cm (4’9), so apart from a few short rounds of breaststroke, it’s all about soaking and floating. Drift up to the bar to enjoy a cold beer or local drink as you soak. There are non-alcoholic drinks available too.

If you want to refuel before or after a session at the Sky Lagoon, there are two dining options. The first is the Sky Café; a casual spot for lunch of sandwiches, bagels and warming soups packed with local Icelandic ingredients. Then there’s the Smakk Bar, which embraces Iceland’s natural larder and displays artisan cheeses, cured meats and fish on slate boards. These charcuterie boards are seasonal and pair perfectly with the extensive selection of wine. The Smakk Bar is a little extra slice of indulgence to top off your visit.

Of course, because the Sky Lagoon is so close to the centre of Reykjavik (just a fifteen-minute drive away), you can save your stomach for a post-soak dinner in one of the many cosy restaurants in the heart of the city.
All You Need to Know About the Sky Lagoon.

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