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Welcome to our office at Klettagarðar 12!

Located in Skafrabakki harbour, the nearest bus stop is a 3-minute walk away. The office is located in a large, two-story building and has a freshly designed, stylish interior.

Across both levels, you'll find several open office areas alongside private offices for our sales, marketing, operations, HR, IT, finance departments and management. Central to our office life is the spacious, stylish kitchen, perfect for a coffee break or a casual chat.

Accommodating diverse needs, we have seven meeting rooms of various sizes, an open lecture room, and numerous silent booths. The large common areas are equipped with darts, a pool table, couches, and an abundance of plants, offering a relaxed atmosphere for creativity and relaxation.

One of the highlights of our office is the view. Giant windows provide a spectacular panorama over Skafrabakki Bay and its quaint lighthouse. Watching whales and seals play in the bay is a regular treat, bringing a sense of wonder and connection to nature even at work!

Our team loves the outdoors, and we often take quick walks to the lighthouse during lunch breaks to enjoy the surroundings. The sportier among us enjoy starting or finishing the day with short runs along the bay for an extra energy boost. A scenic path along the coast offers a perfect route for a quick 2.5—to 5-km jog.

At Icelandia, we value community and good vibes. We regularly organise family events and staff activities fostering a positive atmosphere and work-life balance. We blend work with fun, making sure every day is not just productive but also enjoyable.

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