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Explore the wonders of the Land of Ice and Fire on an Iceland ATV tour. Summit mountains, ride across black-sand plains and combine the best of Iceland’s landscapes with the thrill of our off-road vehicles.

Experience an exhilarating ATV journey through Iceland's breathtaking vistas!

On an ATV tour of Iceland, enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled journey across the most breathtaking landscapes in the Land of Ice and Fire. Cross remote black-sand beaches, roaring rivers, verdant valleys and more!

An all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, is designed to handle the roughest and wildest of off-road conditions. And on an ATV Iceland tour, you’ll see wild landscapes to match.

Adventurers gather around a historic plane wreck on Iceland's vast black sand expanse, with ATVs poised for the next thrill.
The plane wreck in Sóleheimasandur black beach.

Thrilling ATV Tour to Iceland's Plane Wreck

One of the most popular ATV tours of Iceland, for example, is a classic trip across black-sand beaches to the plane wreck at Sólheimasandur. This wreckage has been lying on the sands of a glacial plain for 50 years and it makes for an evocative and thrilling destination. What’s more, on this tour, you’ll ride to the base of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, visit the Jökulsá river, and enjoy views over the magnificent peninsula Dyrhólaey

Two people driving ATV overlooking blue water in a lava fissure
ATV tours nearby Reykjavík

Discover Reykjavík's Hidden Beauty on ATV Tours

Alternatively, get off the beaten track and explore the scenic landscapes just outside Reykjavík. Ride the trails around Lake Hafravatn and climb Hafrafell, to enjoy stunning views over the city.

Another of the best ATV tours in Iceland gives you a different experience entirely. On a midnight sun ATV tour, you’ll enjoy the thrills of an ATV ride while literally seeing Reykjavík’s surroundings in a different light.

There’s something for everyone among our ATV tours—and you won’t need to worry if you’ve never driven one before. All our tours include a short introductory briefing, to ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable, and confident with driving. And we’ll provide everything.


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