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As an island packed with lakes, fjords, and glacial lagoons, one of the best ways to see Iceland is by boat. See floating icebergs, sail out to distant islands, and catch a glimpse of some incredible landscapes and wildlife along the way. Explore our Iceland boat tours to find the best options for you.

Take an Iceland boat tour to see the best of the Land of Ice and Fire

While it’s better known for its glaciers and volcanoes, Iceland is a world of water. From the lagoons that have formed at the feet of ice caps to the country’s complex and captivating coastlines, there’s so much to explore.
Of course, the best way to see it all is by boat. On an Iceland boat tour, you’ll gain a different perspective on the Land of Ice and Fire and discover a world that’s busy with wildlife and spectacularly beautiful.
One of the most unmissable experiences in Iceland is a glacier lagoon boat tour. It’s an opportunity to explore the breathtaking scenery of a place like Jökulsárlón, the lagoon that has developed at the foot of a glacier in the Vatnajökull National Park. Here, icebergs drift across the calm waters, while seals can be seen frolicking around your boat.
There are many different Jökulsárlón Iceland boat tours available. Explore the lagoon on a Zodiac boat tour, allowing you to get deeper access into places visitors tend not to see. Or go literally at your own pace on a kayaking experience.
Alternatively, take to the seas on a RIB boat tour in Iceland. RIB boats are rigid inflatable boats, or small crafts that can take small groups at speed. They’re the perfect way to see Iceland’s coasts and islands up close. For example, visit black sand beaches, tour the Westman Islands, or go on a whale safari.
No winter trip to Iceland would be complete without seeing the aurora borealis. Out in the darkness of the ocean, northern lights boat tours are one of the best ways to see this unforgettable phenomenon.
Explore our tours to discover all your options. Whichever you choose, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.


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