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Venture beyond the usual trails and challenge your driving skills on Iceland's exhilarating buggy journeys! Traverse paths less travelled, diving deep into the heart of Icelandic wilderness.

Buggy Adventures in Iceland: Conquer the Wild, Untamed Landscapes of Ice and Fire

Delve deep into the heart of Iceland's majestic terrains, seeing it in a way reserved for the true adventurers. As you steer your buggy off the conventional roads, the untamed vastness of the country unfolds before you, offering a playground of rivers, mountains, mud pools, and more.

From the dramatic vistas surrounding the famed Eyjafjallajökull volcano to the breathtaking views atop Seljalandsfoss and the Westman Islands, our south coast buggy adventure will immerse you in the very soul of Iceland. If solitude beckons, our highland expeditions transport you to the secluded beauty of Þórsmörk, cradled by imposing glaciers, showcasing the remnants of Eyjafjallajökull's 2010 eruption.

Whether you're seeking the proximity of Reykjavík or the raw charm of the Reykjanes peninsula, our diverse tours cater to every flavour of adventure. A note to our enthusiastic explorers: Icelandic regulations necessitate a full driving license for those steering the buggy and set age restrictions for safety. But for those who meet the criteria, a thrilling escapade on wheels awaits. Dive into our tour options and let your Icelandic adventure begin.


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