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For anyone with a love for the water, Iceland should definitely be on your diving bucket list. With lakes, glacial lagoons, and coastlines to explore, the country offers a thrilling underwater world to discover. An Iceland scuba diving tour is the best and safest way to enjoy Iceland’s unique diving experiences. Explore your options below.

Why go scuba diving in Iceland?

As an island nation in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, dotted with lakes, lagoons, and geothermal springs, Iceland is a diver’s paradise. Expect incredible wildlife, breathtaking underwater landscapes, and an opportunity to swim between continents.

The most popular diving experience in Iceland is at Silfra, the iconic trench in Lake Þingvallavatn in the Þingvellir National Park. Here, you can go diving between continents, as Silfra is the fissure that has opened up between two tectonic plates, Europe and North America.

But that’s not Silfra’s only claim to fame. It also boasts some of the clearest waters on the planet, with visibility to a distance of 120 metres. As such, a Silfra diving tour gives you jaw-dropping views over the pinnacles and spires that leap up out of the depths. It’s a sight that most visitors to Iceland don’t dream of seeing.

While Silfra is by far the most famous diving tour from Reykjavík, there are many other places to go diving in Iceland. For example, in Lake Þingvallavatn too there is the much less visited Davíðsgjá, or “David’s fissure”, known as Silfra’s wilder and darker sibling.

Alternatively, take a dive in the North Atlantic Ocean. One popular saltwater dive is about an hour from Reykjavík on the tip of the Reykjanes peninsula. Here at Garður, you can see some of the wildlife Iceland’s seas have to offer, including coral, wolffish, and even whales. Or close by, try the saltwater fissure known as Bjarnagjá.

Whichever Iceland scuba diving tour you choose, you’ll see an underwater world unlike any you’ve seen elsewhere. Explore your options for diving in Iceland to plan your trip.


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