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From friendly resorts to the world’s most scenic cross-country adventures, Iceland is an incredible place for skiing. Visit the Land of Ice and Fire for a winter sports experience like no other. Explore our ski tours in Iceland to kick off your adventure.

Skiing in Iceland: Glide Amidst Glaciers, Volcanoes, and Enchanting Fjords

Come to Iceland and ski in a landscape like no other. With lively and welcoming resorts and the opportunity for cross-country skiing adventures, Iceland promises a winter sports adventure you’ll never forget.

Skiing in Iceland is not like you’ve seen it anywhere else. Put aside your images of enormous Alpine resorts with queues of international tourists. Iceland’s ski resorts are much more low-key. Resorts such as Bláfjöll or Dalvik tend to be local in character, with fewer lifts and a much more friendly vibe.

But the real magic happens off-piste. Iceland is a landscape filled with glaciers, volcanoes, and mountains that tower over coastal fjords. Join a cross-country skiing tour in Iceland and see this wintry world in a way that few others see it.

At Icelandia, we offer a range of Alpine skiing tours that show you the very best of Iceland. Clip on your skis, traverse these breathtaking scenes and carve your way through the glorious powder.

For example, one of our most popular tours takes you on an adventure to the mountains and fjords of Tröllaskagi, the Troll Peninsula. Across six days, in Iceland’s best conditions, venture up some of north Iceland’s most iconic summits and ski your way down. With an expert guide, you’ll see the best routes and trails in the area.

Alternatively, take on a bigger expedition. For example, join our volcano ski touring challenge, which takes you to the biggest peaks in Ieland in an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. Or join a skiing expedition across the Vatnajökull National Park, or try an epic snowy traverse of the highlands.

Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy some of the best skiing conditions of your life—and make memories that’ll stay with you forever.


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