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Experience the thrills of the Land of Ice and Fire on a Super Jeep tour in Iceland. Ride a powerful and luxurious all-terrain vehicle across glaciers and black-sand plains, through rivers, and over mountains. It’s a breathtaking way to get off the beaten track. Explore our tours below to book a trip of a lifetime.

Why choose an Iceland Super Jeep tour?

Book a Super Jeep tour in Iceland and see the wildest and most remote landscapes in Iceland in comfort and style.

You’ll ride with us in one of our luxurious off-road vehicles, specially modified to handle everything Iceland’s thrilling scenery can throw at it. Thanks to their powerful engines, all-terrain wheels, and robust body, our Super Jeeps can take you across rivers, over glaciers and beaches, and to rocky mountain tops.

In short, you’ll be sure to get off the beaten track, seeing things that few other visitors to Iceland can say they saw.

For example, let us take you across Iceland’s south coast. On this classic Super Jeep tour, you’ll see some of the true highlights of Iceland, including Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, and the Gígjökull glacier. What’s more, there’ll be the opportunity to traverse black-sand beaches and cross rivers too.

Alternatively, for an unforgettable experience, join us for a northern lights tour by Super Jeep. All of our northern lights tours are location-flexible, allowing us to go where there’s the best chance of seeing the aurora borealis on any given night. You’ll have the privilege of a small group or private Super Jeep tour and get far away from the crowds for an authentic experience.

Another popular option is to take a Super Jeep glacier tour in Iceland. It’s where these modified vehicles really come into their own, racing across the icy expanse to show you what few other visitors to Iceland even imagine seeing. You’ll even have the opportunity to add a snowmobile journey to your trip, for the complete glacier experience.

Explore the trip pages to discover the best Super Jeep tours in Iceland. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.


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