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Brimketill is a unique geological feature, a naturally formed rock pool or depression that has become a popular attraction on the Reykjanes Peninsula due to its picturesque location along the rugged coastline. The powerful forces of the ocean shaped the rock formation. Over time, the waves and currents eroded the volcanic rocks, creating a naturally carved pool or depression.
Brimketill natural pool in the Reykjanes coast, Iceland.

Brimketill is situated on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is known for its geothermal activity, vast lava fields, and unique landscapes. It is located close to the ocean, offering stunning views of the North Atlantic coastline, with waves crashing against the rocks, creating a dramatic backdrop. Brimketill is a popular spot for photographers who want to capture the beauty of the Icelandic coastline and its unique rock formation. The contrast between the dark rocks and the blue ocean can make for stunning images.

The depression in the rocks forms a shallow pool; during high tide, the pool can fill with water, creating a natural “hot tub” experience when the water is warm enough. However, swimming in Brimketill is not recommended due to the unpredictable and often dangerous ocean conditions.

Brimketill is relatively easy to access, especially if you’re driving along the Reykjanes Peninsula. A walking path leads to the site, and signposts usually guide visitors to the location.

Best time to visit
All year round
63.81930418372532, -22.605849084434563
Distance from Reykjavík
60.5km (37.5mi)

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        Mythology of Brimketill

        As with many natural sites in Iceland, Brimketill has its share of legends and folklore. According to one story, the depression was formed by the footprint of Oddný, a giantess trying to retrieve her stolen jewellery.

        Attractions Near Brimketill

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