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In the heart of Iceland’s charming capital, Reykjavík, stands a hub of journeys: the BSI Bus Terminal. More than just a transit point, it's the pulse of the city's transportation network and an essential first stop for explorers.
Passangers waiting to board on a flybus bus at BSI terminal in Reykjavík. White bus in the background.

Reykjavík, Iceland’s enigmatic capital, cradles many secrets, but none as vital for the intrepid traveller as the BSI Bus Terminal, known locally as BSÍ Reykjavík. This isn’t just any bus hub; it's the largest in Iceland, a beacon calling out to those seeking adventures amidst geysers, glaciers, and golden horizons.

All year-round
64.13804921668091, -21.933951916945922
Distance from Reylkjavík

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Inside BSI bus terminal

BSI Bus Terminal: More Than a Transport Hub

Nestled a mere kilometer from the city center, the terminal's white facade, marked by a bold red BSI logo, stands proudly. From here, most journeys begin, whether you’re venturing to the enchanting Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, exploring the famed Golden Circle, or meandering through the jagged landscapes of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

The name of the BSI Bus Terminal can be intriguing to many. Though it might seem like an abbreviation for ‘Bus Station Iceland’, its full Icelandic name, "Bifreiðastöð Íslands", means ‘automobile depot Iceland’.

This is a subtle reference to its initial days as a taxi station. The terminal has seen many trends come and go, such as locals once gathering here to enjoy the unusual combination of kjammi and kók – half a boiled sheep’s head with a soft drink coke. Although the popular Myrin Mathús, known for serving this dish, is no longer in operation, the terminal remains a significant part of Reykjavík's diverse history.

a sign on a bus reading "Keflavík International Airport".

Transitioning from Keflavik Airport to BSI

For travellers landing at Keflavik airport, their journey to downtown Reykjavík will inevitably bring them to the doors of BSI. The Flybus airport transfer offers a reliable connection between the airport and Reykjavík, seamlessly syncing with flight schedules to ensure a smooth transition into your Icelandic adventure.

Notably, there are two types of airport transfer tickets. The standard ticket will take you directly to BSI, after which passengers will need to arrange their own onward travel. However, for a slight upgrade, travellers can switch to a smaller bus at BSI, which will then ferry them to various hotels and guesthouses in the city centre. Regardless of the chosen option, all paths lead to BSI, making it an essential stopover for everyone arriving in Reykjavík.

Facilities at the Terminal

The BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavík is more than just a departure and arrival point; it offers an array of services. Whether you are looking for car rentals, need lockers to store your luggage, or wish to dine at the established Mýrin Mathús restaurant, the terminal ensures visitors have everything at hand.

Mýrin Mathús itself deserves a special mention. It caters to diverse palates, whether you want a casual burger or wish to try more traditional Icelandic dishes.

A bus driving thorugh icelandic landscape

Ultimate Base for All Day Tours in from Reykjavík

BSI stands as the pivotal departure point for all day tours in Reykjavík, serving as a gateway to the mesmerising landscapes of Iceland. Whether you're setting off to witness the dramatic cascades of the South Coast, embarking on the iconic journey around the Golden Circle, or delving into the rugged beauty of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, it all begins at BSI.

But the terminal isn't just about departures; it's also a hub of information and inspiration. Visitors can conveniently book their next adventure right on-site. Moreover, for those in search of advice or insights, the friendly local staff at the information desk are always eager to share their knowledge on tours, activities, attractions, or any query you might have. At BSI, every journey, be it physical or informational, starts with a warm Icelandic welcome.

a set up table seen from above

Attractions near BSI

Nearby the terminal, one can relax at the Nautholsvik geothermal beach or immerse themselves in local history at Sundhöllin, the city’s oldest public bath. If Icelandic cuisine is on your agenda, Cafe Loki offers an authentic experience.

In conclusion, the BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavík is more than just a structure or a transit point. It is an emblem of the city's vibrant past and present, welcoming numerous travellers daily. As you prepare for your journey in Iceland, let the terminal serve as your starting point, assisting and enlightening you along the way. With the BSI Bus Terminal as your gateway, the wonders of Iceland are within reach. Safe journeys ahead!

Opening Hours at BSI

When planning a visit to BSI, it's essential to note its operational hours to ensure a smooth experience. The front desk is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, ready to assist with any immediate needs or inquiries.

For travellers keen on storing their luggage securely while they explore Reykjavík, the building offers a dedicated luggage storage facility, operating from the early hour of 3:45 am until 10:00 pm. Whether you're arriving early or wrapping up a day of exploration, BSI is structured to cater to your needs, making it a reliable anchor during your Icelandic journey.


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