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Ayline's journey is a vivid example of how embracing change and pursuing personal growth can lead to unexpected and rewarding career paths.

In 2018, driven by a mix of wanderlust and the desire for a fresh start, Ayline, a young biology student from Belgium, made a bold decision to relocate to Iceland. She planned to explore and experience the breathtaking landscapes she'd only seen in pictures. Instead of just travelling around, she wanted to fully immerse herself in the culture and cover her costs by taking a temporary job here. Little did she know that she would soon call this land home.

Eventually, Ayline took on a job at Enterprise Car Rental, working night shifts as a rental agent at Keflavík Airport. Based in Reykjavik, she would drive to Keflavik for her 12-hour shifts. Her tasks ranged from renting and returning cars, answering customer queries, and sometimes even cleaning vehicles.

This job introduced her to the rigours of corporate standards, thanks to strict training under managers from the U.S. who meticulously went through her emails to point out improvements and affirm positive actions. Ayline remembers these experiences as invaluable lessons, appreciating the strict yet fair training environment that shaped her professional attitude early on.

She quickly realised that her strength was not in sales—a significant part of her role—but in customer support. Coming from a family of teachers, she found it natural and fulfilling to help customers solve and navigate their problems. Her ability to communicate effectively and empathetically was evident. She truly enjoyed her work, and her positive, proactive, and energetic personality made her a standout employee.

Her dedication to customer service did not go unnoticed, and by 2020, Ayline had achieved her goal of becoming a Customer Service (CS) representative. The arrival of COVID-19 presented challenges, but it also brought opportunities. During the pandemic, Ayline's role became crucial as the rental service provided essential transportation for healthcare workers.

Although she was offered the option to stay home and receive her salary without working, she chose to continue working, demonstrating her commitment and gaining valuable experience. Her dedication paid off; as Iceland began welcoming tourists again in 2021, she was promoted to Customer Service Manager.

In August 2022, when Enterprise Car Rental merged with Icelandia, Ayline was appointed manager of the CS department. Leading a team of six, she was responsible for hiring and training staff and scheduling their shifts. To rise to the challenge, she took on management training and simultaneously began intensive courses in Icelandic. The company adjusted her schedule to accommodate her school lessons, allowing her to attend Icelandic classes during part of her work hours.

In May 2023, Ayline's responsibilities expanded again when she was given the front desk team to manage. Although this brought increased pressure, the appointment of a new manager above her helped distribute the responsibilities, allowing her to focus on her core roles.

Ayline thrives in her position. Her approach to management is protective and proactive. She always aims to resolve conflicts positively and uphold a fun, supportive workplace atmosphere. "I love to remove the worry off people's shoulders," she says.

Reflecting on her journey, Ayline shares, "This company allowed me to grow a lot." Her progress at Icelandia highlights her skills, adaptability, and commitment to personal and professional growth.

She continues to work on her language skills, which she views as essential for her next career steps. Her love for the varied opportunities at Icelandia keeps her motivated, and she dreams of moving towards Quality Management in the future.

Ayline's journey is a vivid example of how embracing change and pursuing personal growth can lead to unexpected and rewarding career paths. Her story reflects her passion for her work and her commitment to personal development and excellence in customer service.

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