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Home to the hardy Icelandic horse, the Land of Ice and Fire is a horse-lover’s paradise. You can journey across the landscape on the back of your trusty steed or see them perform their unique gaits. Get to know these beautiful beasts on a horse riding tour in Iceland. Explore your options below to book the experience of a lifetime.

Try horse riding in Iceland

One of Iceland’s most famous and particular creatures is the Icelandic horse. But it’s not actually native to the Land of Ice and Fire. Instead, it was brought over by the Nordic people who first settled this land over a thousand years ago.

As the story goes, the horses that made the journey across the sea were chosen for their hardiness. Having survived Iceland’s cold winters and difficult grazing for all this time, this breed of horses has only ever become stronger. So, while they may be small for the standards of a horse, they’re truly mighty beasts.

You can get to know them for yourself on a horse riding tour in Iceland. Explore the nature and incredible landscapes of this miraculous country while guiding your own horse across its paths and trails. It promises a truly authentic experience of Iceland.

Many opportunities for horseback riding in Iceland take place close to Reykjavík. For example, you can travel through volcanic landscapes, lava fields, and hot springs on a horse riding tour in Gufudalur valley. Or ascend the mountain of Ingólfsfjall and see the Gljúfurá river on horseback. Both start only a 20-minute drive out of the city.

It’s an unforgettable experience for all of the family. At Icelandia, all our horse riding tours are available to anyone from the age of 7.

If you don’t want to ride but still want to see Icelandic horses in action, head to Friðheimar. Here, you can see demonstrations of all that Iceland’s horses can do, including their two unique gaits that other species can’t perform. Bred for competitions, these are some of the finest horses in the country.

Don’t miss out on these miraculous animals when visiting Iceland—book one of the best horse riding experiences in Iceland with us. Explore our tours to get started.


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