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From aboveground, Iceland offers dazzling landscapes shaped by glaciers and volcanoes. But under the surface, there’s an entirely different world to explore. On cave tours in Iceland, you’ll get a different perspective on the Land of Ice and Fire. Discover icy caverns shaped by glaciers or tunnels carved out by flowing lava. Explore our tours below to find out more!

Why Take a Cave Tour in Iceland? Delve Deep into Iceland's Wonders

Iceland is a nation full of surprises. Whether it’s multicoloured mountains, bubbling volcanoes, or opportunities for diving between continents, there are so many incredible things to take your breath away.

No doubt one of Iceland’s biggest surprises is what lies beneath your feet. On an Iceland cave tour, you’ll see a miraculous underground world, with caverns and tunnels created by lava and ice.

There are two main types of cave in Iceland. Most famously, there are the ice caves. These come in all shapes and sizes, from small pockets in glacial ice to enormous tunnels carved out of glaciers by hand. Whichever you visit, you’ll be dazzled by the deep blue colours of the ice and mesmerised by its intricate patterns.

Then there are the lava tunnels. Iceland boasts some of the largest and longest lava tunnels in the world, created by thundering streams of lava that surged beneath the earth. You can explore the caves opened up by these powerful volcanic events on foot and marvel at the strange colours and rock formations.

Iceland cave tours can take you to see both of these magical phenomena. And so you can enjoy the best cave tours for you, at Icelandia we help you experience them in any way you like.

Want a day trip from Reykjavík? We’ll pick you up in town and show you the enormous variety of caves near the capital city—including the largest cave in Iceland, Víðgelmir.

Prefer a walk to an ice cave? Led by one of our local guides, you can trek across glaciers and enjoy these mysterious caverns in Iceland’s wilderness all to yourself. It’s a thrilling adventure across some of the country’s most jaw-dropping landscapes.

There’s an option for everyone. Discover the best cave tours in Iceland and book your trip.


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