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Known as the youngest country on the planet, Iceland is a world shaped by lava. Here, volcanoes erupt every four or five years, with each one spurting hot rock across the land. On a lava tour of Iceland, witness the heat and power of the earth. Explore our tours below to find out more.

Why Take a Lava Tour in Iceland? Discover Iceland a Living Canvas of Lava

Iceland invites you to a realm sculpted by the fiery dance of lava. With its history of powerful eruptions, the country pulsates with the rhythm of volcanic activity.

Lava, molten rock birthed from the Earth's depths, is a paradoxical marvel. It's fiercely hot, reshaping everything in its path. Yet, as it cools, it crafts new terrains, creating hauntingly beautiful landscapes like expansive lava fields and mystic black-sand deserts. Iceland's reputation as one of the most volcanically vibrant spots on the globe makes it the premiere stage to witness lava's drama.

Embark on our expertly crafted lava tours for a front-row seat. Our seasoned guides ensure not just a riveting journey but also the safest way to navigate these dynamic landscapes.

The iconic Fagradalsfjall volcano, nestled in the heart of the Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark, has erupted thrice in recent years - 2021, 2022, and 2023. Though its eruptions are currently on pause, it's anticipated to awaken frequently over the coming decades. The freshly sculpted terrain around Fagradalsfjall offers an unparalleled opportunity to walk beside brand-new lava fields.

Dive deeper into the wonders of volcanic artistry by exploring one of the country's many lava tunnels. These awe-inspiring caverns, hollowed out by lava, showcase a mesmerising palette of colours and bewitching geological formations.

But the list of options for amazing lava adventures doesn't end there:

  • Witness molten magic at the Lava Show, where fresh lava is artfully created, letting you experience its raw essence.
  • Delve into the interactive Lava Center. Here, Iceland's tumultuous geological tapestry unfurls, narrated engagingly for all.
  • For thrill-seekers, join us during active eruptions for guided hikes straight to the heart of the spectacle. When eruptions take a brief reprieve, we traverse the young lava fields, walking over history in the making.
  • For a global accolade, trek the Fimmvörðuháls trail, a path etched by the 2010 eruption and celebrated by National Geographic as one of the world's premier trails.

Eager for more? Peruse our diverse lava tours and find the perfect volcanic voyage that calls to you.


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