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Sail into a marine wonderland: family-friendly whale watching adventure

Set sail from Reykjavik aboard one of Iceland’s most family-friendly whale watching vessels and immerse yourself in a marine spectacle! Witness whales, dolphins, and vibrant birdlife while diving deep into oceanic tales. This comfortable, safe and educational trip has an excellent success rate, and if you don’t see the whales, you're invited to rebook at no extra cost!

Dive into a nautical adventure that promises to be both enlightening and enchanting! Your boat sets sail from Reykjavik's scenic shore into the heart of Iceland's marine paradise. Here, the rhythm of the waves is accompanied by the dance of minke and humpback whales, the playful antics of white-beaked dolphins, and the serene glides of harbor porpoises. And that's not all; the skies above echo with the calls of a thriving birdlife, painting a vivid canvas of nature's splendor.

Board the 'Andrea', one of Iceland's grandest whale-watching vessels, crafted not just for sightseeing but also for supreme comfort. Revel in expansive viewing decks, plush seating areas, and an ambiance that's perfect for families. As the gentle hum of the boat mingles with the salty sea breeze, explore our on-board café for a warm sip or choose a keepsake from our souvenir shop.

Our seasoned guides and affable crew will be your compass, immersing you in tales and trivia of the deep blue. Learn to distinguish whale flukes, discover the intriguing anatomy of these marine giants with hands-on displays of whale artefacts, and even delve into the microscopic world of plankton!

Our commitment isn't just to provide an unforgettable experience, but to do so responsibly. Adhering to the IceWhale code of conduct, we ensure our majestic marine neighbours and their habitats are revered and protected.

Join us, and let the sea tell you its stories.

All year
3 hours

TourID: WH03

Activity provider: Reykjavik Excursions by Icelandia

Need to know

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free ticket to join our Whale Watching Classic or Whale Watching Express tour if there are no sightings!
  • Please note that transfers are not available for the 21:00 departure (June 15th-July 31st).


We recommend wearing warm clothing & sturdy shoes - and don't forget your camera!

From €84/person
  • Flexible Cancellation
  • No Booking Fees

Tour itinerary

Whale Watching from Reykjavik

What’s included and what to bring on this tour

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  • Seat inside for every passenger
  • Guide on every tour, skilled and friendly crew
  • Snack bar on board
  • Warm overalls for every passenger (also available in children's sizes)
  • Free Wifi on board

Not included

  • Hotel transfers (available on request for an additional fee)
  • Please note that transfers for the 21:00 departure are not available (June 15th-July 31st).
  • Food and drink

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