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Glacial Mysteries Unveiled: The Ultimate Glacier Cave & Walk Experience

Embark on an epic journey to discover the wonders of Iceland's natural scenery. Explore iconic waterfalls, stroll along stunning black sand beaches, and experience the majestic Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Iceland's crowning natural attraction. This adventure includes an exhilarating boat tour, navigating through towering icebergs, offering a unique and unforgettable perspective of Iceland's frozen beauty.

Your adventure begins with a meeting with our highly trained and certified glacier guides. Here, you'll be equipped with essential glacier gear, including an ice axe, spikes, and a helmet, to ensure your safety and comfort during the expedition.

As we embark on our glacier walk, your guide will share insights into the formation of these icy giants. The highlight of the tour is the exploration of naturally formed ice caves and tunnels, a mesmerizing experience where meltwater pathways have left behind ethereal ice structures.

Within these ice caves, you'll have ample opportunity to capture the beauty of their vivid blue hues and the tranquil atmosphere they exude. The contrast of the melting ice against the serene environment offers a spectacle like no other.

After marveling at the interior wonders, we ascend back to the glacier's surface. The journey continues as your guide navigates through the dynamic glacial landscape and its crevasses, offering a fascinating glimpse into the ever-changing world of ice.

The tour concludes with a breathtaking view encompassing lowlands and a sandy beach, stretching out towards the Atlantic Ocean. It's a fitting end to an unforgettable day of glacial exploration.

Please note that ice caves are naturally occurring and subject to change based on weather conditions. We prioritize your safety, and in certain circumstances, tours may be altered or canceled on short notice. In such cases, we strive to provide alternative tour options whenever possible.

Fall, Winter & Spring
3.5 hours
Minimum age
Meeting Point
Skaftafell Base Camp

TourID: SKF01

Activity provider: Icelandic Mountain Guides by Icelandia

Meeting point

Skaftafell Base Camp

The meeting point is the location from where the tour begins.

Need to know

Bring with you some warm clothing, rain gear, hiking boots and energy bars. Boots and rain gear can be rented at the Base Camp. Check our equipment list for details.

Save 15%
From €149/person
  • Flexible Cancellation
  • No Booking Fees

Tour itinerary

Ice Cave and Glacier Walk

What’s included and what to bring on this tour

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glacier gear

safety equipment

Not included

  • Rain gear
  • Hiking boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Snacks

Tour highlights


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