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Icelandic Mountain Guides is a pivotal player in the Icelandia family. This trailblazing team, established in 1994, is driven by a profound love for nature and a constant thirst for adventure.

Icelandic Mountain guides walking on glacier

Committed to fostering immersive and responsible travel experiences, Icelandic Mountain Guides have woven a complex narrative of exploration and environmental stewardship into the tapestry of Icelandic tourism.

Their guides, the heartbeat of Icelandic Mountain Guides, are seasoned trekkers, skiers, climbers, and mountaineers, living their lives on the rugged edges of Iceland's ethereal wilderness by choice. Their office? The majestic landscapes of Iceland's untamed nature.

Equipped with extensive mountaineering training and a deep-rooted commitment to safety, they transform wild dreams into tangible adventures, taking travellers on safe and innovative journeys in the heartland of Iceland.

The calibre of the Icelandic Mountain Guides inspires awe and respect, with many possessing extraordinary international accomplishments. Their personal quests range from scaling the dizzying heights of Everest to completing some of the world’s most challenging treks.

Armed with the highest international mountain and glacier rescue qualifications, they are the stalwart guardians of both the landscapes they traverse and the adventurers they guide. Their dedication extends beyond their professional duties, with many volunteering in local search and rescue teams, showcasing their commitment to the well-being of all who venture into Iceland's breathtaking wilderness.

Icelandic Mountain Guides, deeply committed to environmental care, designs thrilling adventures that also respect nature's fragility. They are proud recipients of awards for sustainability, including the Icelandic Tourist Board’s Environmental Award and TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Their innovative Glacier Walks also brought them the notable Icelandair Pioneer Award.

Join us, step into the shoes of an adventurer and discover the raw beauty of Iceland through the lens of our expert guides. Experience the extraordinary with Icelandic Mountain Guides, adventurers, environmentalists, and the heart of Icelandia.

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