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Venture beneath the country’s icy surface on an ice cave tour in Iceland. With their captivating shapes and the mesmerising beauty of their blue patterns, Iceland’s glacier caves offer a magical experience you won’t find anywhere else. Explore our ice cave tours below to find the right option for you and book your trip.

Why choose a glacier cave tour in Iceland?

In a vast landscape of ice, the last thing you might expect is to find a world to explore beneath your feet. But you’d be surprised. The glaciers and ice caps that give Iceland their name hide an incredible network of caves and tunnels you can visit.

In fact, venturing beneath the ice is an essential experience on your trip to Iceland. On an ice cave tour in Iceland, you’ll get a glimpse of some of the richest blue colour and most mesmerising natural patterns on the planet. And you’ll gain an insight into the natural processes that have shaped Iceland’s landscape.

There are two main types of ice caves in Iceland. Most commonly, there are those that are created naturally by the movement of glaciers. As they accumulate and then melt throughout the season, glaciers twist and warp, opening holes in the ice to explore. Then, there are man-made caves. Carved from glacial ice, they’re astonishing places to see the scale of Iceland’s ice sheets.

Whichever you’d like to see for yourself, an ice cave tour is the best way to visit. You’ll be led by an expert guide who will ensure that the caves and conditions are safe, then you’ll have the chance to explore the ice caves to the fullest.

There are options to choose from across the south coast of Iceland. For example, explore the glacier caves of the Vatnajökull National Park or visit the Mýrdalsjökull glacier to get off the beaten track. You can also book a tour that combines ice caves with journeys across the surface of the ice cap for a complete glacier experience.

If you want to be based in the capital, you can book an ice cave tour from Reykjavík, too. Visit the man-made cave beneath the Langjökull glacier or stretch out along the length of the south coast—all in a day.

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