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Glaciers, those majestic rivers of ice, are the incredible forms that give Iceland its name. Over 11% of the surface of the country is covered in ice, providing many of its most breathtaking landscapes. On a glacier tour of Iceland, you’ll explore their jaw-dropping expanses and otherworldly shapes for yourself.

Why Choose a Glacier Tour?

Glaciers, along with volcanic forces, are the powerful natural phenomena that have shaped Iceland, earning it the nickname 'the land of fire and ice. From the fjords, valleys, and mountains to the ice caps that remain today, ice has been changing Iceland’s landscape for thousands and thousands of years.

On a glacier tour, you’ll see how. You’ll have the chance to venture across these rugged streams of ice on foot, by snowmobile or monster truck. You’ll see the incredible scene at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, where melting ice has created one of the largest (and most beautiful!) lakes in Iceland. And you’ll explore ice caves, with their mysterious blue patterns, beneath the glacier’s surface.

Whichever adventure captures your imagination, at Icelandia, we can make it easy. Our expert guides can lead you across or under the ice, ensuring you’re safe and explaining the science along the way. Meanwhile, we’ll handle all the travel arrangements, from the transport to the accommodation if you need it.

Some of our most popular options are glacier tours from Reykjavík. In a day, you can explore Sólheimajökull, the mighty outlet of Myrdalsjökull, which is the fourth largest ice cap in Iceland, situated atop Katla volcano. You can even kayak on its glacier lagoon, climb up its ice ridges or explore beneath the ice!

Alternatively, many visitors stretch out to see the captivating outlet glaciers of Vatnajökull, the largest ice can in all of Europe.

Whichever glacier you visit in Iceland, it promises epic views, thrilling adventure, and fascinating geological processes. Discover it all with Icelandia!

All About Glacier Tours in Iceland - Frequently Asked Questions

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