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Audio guides are designed to enhance the travel experience for all of our guests, making every moment of exploration more accessible and enjoyable.
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Viktória Komjáti
Content creator
24 Apr 2024
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While Iceland's speechless charm can be appreciated through its stunning visuals alone, we believe every detail of its story should be accessible to all our guests. This is why we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: audio guides in Spanish for our most popular tours: Golden Circle Direct, Golden Circle and Fridheimar Greenhouse, the Northern Lights Tour and the Northern Lights Small Group Tour.

This new feature is designed to enhance the travel experience for our Spanish-speaking guests, making every moment of exploration more accessible and enjoyable.

Our tours will continue to feature our beloved English-speaking guides, who bring their personal touch to each journey. However, for those who prefer Spanish or find more comfort in their native language, our audio guides offer an equally enriching experience.

With just a pair of headphones and a smartphone, Spanish-speaking guests can immerse themselves in the captivating narratives of Iceland, narrated in a language they are most at ease with.

Enhanced Understanding of Iceland

Our audio guides create a comprehensive understanding of Iceland. They delve into the geology that shapes the land, the history that defines its people, and the culture that colours its essence. This rich tapestry of information provides a much more rounded and fulfilling experience of what Iceland truly represents.

At the heart of our audio guides are the voices of those who know Iceland best – the locals. Written by local experts, reviewed by Icelanders of Spanish heritage, and narrated by native Spanish speakers, these guides bring an authentic touch.

They offer a genuine connection to Iceland's narratives and culture. You're not just getting facts and figures; you're hearing the heart and soul of Iceland from those who live and breathe its air every day. This authentic perspective adds an invaluable quality to your experience, making your journey more meaningful and memorable.

Convenience for the Modern Traveler

In today's world, convenience is key, and our audio guides are designed with this in mind. They're easy to use and incredibly flexible. You can pause, play, or replay the narratives at your leisure, making exploring at your own pace effortlessly. Plus, with GPS-triggered storytelling, you won't miss a thing. As you move, the stories unfold automatically, aligning perfectly with what you're seeing.

Our Tours with VoiceMap

While we plan to extend this feature to most of our offerings eventually, we've decided to start with the ones that have captured the hearts of travellers the world over - the ultimate must-do tours in Iceland.

Rest assured, we've partnered with the renowned VoiceMap app, loved by travelers worldwide for its interactive and informative approach. This collaboration brings you a travel experience like no other. As you journey through Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, VoiceMap's audio narratives, triggered by your location, will reveal the secrets and stories of your surroundings, ensuring a truly immersive and unforgettable adventure.

Golden Circle Direct

The ultimate tour around the Golden Circle, the gold standard of Iceland tours. Compact yet showcasing the three best attractions Iceland is famous for. As your coach glides past spectacular landscapes, your audio guide will introduce you to the natural wonders of Þingvellir National Park, the erupting geysers at Geysir, and the majestic Gullfoss waterfall. Listen to intriguing tales about the geological forces that shaped these sights and the historical events that unfolded in these lands.

Golden Circle and Friðheimar Greenhouse

Combine natural beauty with a unique culinary experience on this tour. After exploring the classical route of the Golden Circle, the tour takes you to Friðheimar Tomato Farm. Here, you'll learn about sustainable agriculture in Iceland and the innovative methods used to grow tomatoes in geothermal-heated greenhouses. In the greenhouse, you'll receive a short guided tour from local tomato farmers (however, this is in English), taking you through the inner workings of their lush, green environment.

The Northern Lights

Chase the magical aurora borealis with us, accompanied by an audio guide that explains this natural phenomenon's science and legends. As you seek the Northern Lights, the guide shares stories of Icelandic folklore, making each flicker in the sky feel like a dance of mythical creatures. This tour is a blend of science, myth, and the thrill of the chase, narrated in a way that will leave you enchanted.

The South Coast Wonders (Coming Soon)

Soon to join our Spanish audio guide family, the South Coast tour promises an auditory and visual feast. This guide will take you through the history of the black sand beaches, the mighty waterfalls like Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss, and the impressive basalt columns of Reynisfjara. Listen to tales of Viking explorers and sagas that echo through these landscapes.

The Structure of Our Audio Guides

Each tour begins with practical instructions, ensuring your comfort and safety as you set out on your journey. From there, the narrative unfolds in a carefully curated sequence. The scripts weave together the cultural fabric of Iceland, blending history, geology, and folklore in an engaging and educational way.

Every script is thoughtfully written to keep you entertained without overwhelming you with information. Our goal is to make your journey through Iceland not just a sightseeing trip but a rich tapestry of discovery and lasting impressions.

Easy Access and User-Friendly Experience

The best travel experiences are those that are easy to access and use. That's why we've integrated our new Spanish audio guides into your journey as seamlessly as possible, from booking to listening.

When you book any of our featured tours, you'll automatically receive a voucher that includes a link to your VoiceMap audio guide at no extra cost. The setup is straightforward. Once you've downloaded the app and the tour, you're ready to go! You don't need to be tech-savvy to enjoy our audio guides. We've ensured that the process is intuitive and user-friendly for everyone.

GPS-Triggered Stories and Offline Accessibility

VoiceMap's standout feature is its GPS-triggered storytelling. As you travel along your tour route, the app uses your location to play the right part of the audio guide automatically. This means that the stories and facts you hear are always relevant to the sights unfolding before your eyes.

The Northern Lights tour is a unique exception, as it doesn't follow a fixed route, and we travel mostly in darkness. To complement this unique experience, the audio guide is designed to be flexible. You have the freedom to listen to stories in any order you prefer and even skip some if you wish. This adaptable guide will keep you entertained until you reach your viewing destination, where you'll step off the bus and await the magical appearance of the Northern Lights.

Connectivity is not an issue, as we recommend downloading the audio guide in offline mode. This allows you to save battery and avoid any disruptions by even turning off your screen. The only essentials are keeping your GPS on, your headphones in your ears, and your eyes on the stunning views around you.

Offering a unique blend of accessibility, convenience, and deep cultural insights, these guides promise to make your journey through Iceland not just a tour but a story you’ll be part of. Ready to explore the wonders of Iceland with us? We can't wait to share this incredible experience with you. Let the adventure begin!

Our new Spanish audio guides are just the beginning of a more inclusive and engaging journey with Reykjavík Excursions. We're working hard to bring even more tours and languages to life, ensuring that every traveller can experience the magic of Iceland in their own way. Join us and let the stories of Iceland unfold around you. More languages, more tours, more unforgettable moments await!

Tours with Audio Guides

Aerial view of the lush, meandering waterways of Þingvellir National Park, flanked by the stark Almannagjá rift, under a dramatic Icelandic sky.
  • Summer Deal
6 hours

Golden Circle Direct

Want to see the sites of the Golden Circle but have a limited amount of time? Consider this express Golden Circle tour! Experience the landmarks of the classic Golden Circle in South Iceland on this unforgettable day tour. The Golden Circle encompasses the must-see sights of Þingvellir National Park, the golden Gullfoss waterfall, and the bubbling geothermal region of Geysir.

Save 15%
From €54/person
Tourists lined up at a safe distance to watch the powerful eruption of the geyser in the Golden Circle, Iceland. The sky is partly cloudy, casting a soft light on the scene, highlighting the geyser's spray against the sky
  • Summer Deal
8 hours

The Golden Circle & Friðheimar Greenhouse

This best-selling tour of Iceland’s most famous south Iceland landmarks includes a visit to Friðheimar Greenhouse. The Golden Circle encompasses the must-see sights of Þingvellir National Park, the golden Gullfoss waterfall, and the bubbling geothermal region of Geysir. Experience the classic Golden Circle landmarks with a sustainable twist, a stop at Friðheimar!

Save 15%
From €59/person
Reykjavik Excursions bus and dancing northern lights on the background.
3.5 hours

Northern Lights Tour

See the majestic Northern Lights dancing across the sky. If the skies are shy, try again free of charge as many times as you need until you see them! Learn about the phenomenon by visiting the Aurora Centre - Northern Lights Exhibition in Reykjavík; admission is included in this tour!

From €51/person
Three people watching northern lights dancing in the sky in Iceland
3 hours

Northern Lights - Small Group Tour

Catch the stunning Northern Lights in the sky, and if they're shy, rebook for free until they show. Included admission to the Aurora Centre's Northern Lights Exhibition on the tour date. The small group size ensures an intimate experience and personalized attention from your expert guide.

From €80/person

Recommended tours

Tourist at Gullfoss Waterfall in the golden circle, Iceland.
10 hours

Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon

Experience the best of Iceland with this package of two of the island’s most popular tours in one day! The Golden Circle encompasses the must-see sights of Þingvellir National Park, the golden Gullfoss waterfall, and the bubbling geothermal region of Geysir. After touring the landmarks, soak in the milky blue healing water of the Blue Lagoon.

From €188/person
A super-jeep in the Icelandic Highlands
10 hours


Join an extraordinary adventure through Iceland's rugged landscapes with our exclusive Þórsmörk Super Jeep Tour. Explore the Valley of Thor in style, led by expert guides who know every inch of this stunning terrain.

Save 10%
From €263/person
Woman relaxing in Blue Lagoon, steam and lava in background
  • Best seller
  • Popular
8 hours

Blue Lagoon & Northern Lights

Enjoy a perfect winter day in Iceland! Experience the best of Iceland with this package of two of the island’s most popular tours in one day! Soak in the milky blue healing water of the Blue Lagoon, which is one of Iceland's most famous tourist attractions and is considered by many to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an unmissable part of a visit to Iceland. After your return to Reykjavík, a guide will lead you on a search for the elusive northern lights! Watching the lights dance and flicker in the sky, changing shape and colour, is incredible. Prepare to be dazzled!

From €176/person
Group of hikers walking on the snow towards a mountain in Greenland
5 days

Mt Gunnbjörn, the Highest Peak in Greenland

Are you dreaming of an Arctic adventure of a lifetime? This 5-day tour has you scaling the highest peak of the Arctic (3694 m/12120 ft). Mt. Gunnbjörn has been called the 8th continental peak due to its massive size, and it beckons climbers from around the world. On the east coast, where towering mountains rise from the Greenland icecap, the conditions are pristine and similar to those in Antarctica. There’s nothing quite like challenging yourself to climb in one of the most isolated areas of the north, with the fresh Arctic air and stark white snow. An experienced and qualified guide will lead the group, keeping participants safe and informed. This is not a trek for a beginner as the hike is considered strenuous, and participants should have mountain climbing experience and be prepared to camp for four nights. Mt. Gunnbjörn is easily accessible on a ski plane from Iceland. Once in the Watkins Mountains, we set up a comfortable base camp at the foot of the mountain. To make the summit day more manageable, we establish one camp on the way to the summit. The climb can be done on snowshoes, with the last part done on crampons.

Explorer walking on a glacier while taking a picture
5 hours

Glacier Adventure

Dive into an adventurous journey on one of Vatnajökull National Park's mesmerizing outlet glaciers. Our Glacier Adventure - Glacier Walk tour goes beyond the ordinary, offering a more extensive exploration of the glacier's captivating beauty.

Save 15%
From €141/person
Three people riding ATVs offroadOZZO
10 hours

ATV & Golden Circle

Join us for an unforgettable adventure with our ATV Quad Bike and Golden Circle combo tour! Experience the thrill of riding through diverse terrains on an ATV, followed by a journey to iconic Icelandic landmarks. Get ready for an exhilarating day of exploration and discovery!

Save 10%
From €177/person

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